A short comment:

I'll mail this out while it's fresh in my head:

The  document
contains the following statement 
which I completely disagree with (at least as stated here).

Rendering into other media (such as speech) is expected to communicate,
essentially, a "mental picture" of the 2-dimensional form of an
expression. (Rationale: since almost all mathematics is conventionally
expressed in 2-dimensional graphical form, most notations in that medium have
no standard version in other media.)

Reason I disagree:

Renderings in speech need to convey more than a "2D picture" of the
expression.  Check out (listen to ) some of the demos on my AsTeR WWW site--
they make the point about spoken renderings being *independent* of the visual
2D layout far better than I am capable of in a plain-text email message.

Given that the contentious statement appears in our "rationale"  document, I
thought it sufficiently importatn to have clarified.




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