Home page, mailing list and phone conferce

We have now set up the w3c-math-erb@w3.org mailing list and provided
a home page for the group. I will keep it up to date, e.g. minutes
and pointers to position papers etc. The home page for the Math ERB is:


Bruce is writing some papers which I will put up as soon as can. The
phone conference is scheduled for Thursday 1st March at 12pm EST.
We may move it an hour later to 1pm EST for subsequent conferences
to help Nico.

Unfortunately, you will all have to pay for the phone calls into MIT.
The number you need to call is:  +1 617 258 7910. When you get through
you will hear a beep. You can then announce yourself.

For this meeting I want to bring the new comers up to speed and to
start to build the list of issues we need to tackle. I have included
my list of goals and a preliminary issues list on the home page.

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