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Re: OpenMath

From: Patrick D. F. Ion <ion@math.ams.org>
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1996 09:01:38 -0400
To: n.poppelier@elsevier.nl
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While at the Zurich ICM I talked with Gaston Gonnet who gave me OpenMath
materials and I've looked at some of their stuff.  But Neil Soiffer seems
to be directly involved, and has apparently given a presentation on
typsetting math to them, so perhaps he can outline to us their positions.
I note that NAG, who are distributing Axiom, gave a presentation of their
needs to an OpenMath Workshopand that Robert S. Sutor, a primary author of
that system from IBM, is the chairman of OpenMath's  Definition/Design
committee.  Bart Wage of Elsevier gave a presentation to Workshop 4 too, so
perhaps he can inform.

I passed on in an earlier message the Open Math Home Page URL
and that's located, I believe, where Arjeh Cohen is.  There are copies of
position papers and of slides from the Workshops to be found there.

Some from Waterloo, who presumably are well acquainted with OpenMath, will
be at the UIUC SGML/Math workshop in a couple of days, so several of us can
learn more then.  I personally favor an attempt to get harmony among the
several separate approaches to the problems of math representation that
have sprung up, or at least a good understanding of the reasons for their



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