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Make your career with TrustPartners Company as a part-time Payment Manager! skd

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WHO WE ARE?     
TrustPartners Inc is a Latvian company, catering for various services all over the world. We offer advertising and web design, programming and software support, organization of various courses and seminars. Our clients in the USA and Europe enjoy a wide range of services and products and our sales volume is ever growing. As our business is developing very rapidly, we need new people to work with us!       

We need new agents, able to receive payments for our product and to send the money to us. This part-time job does not need any special skills in any special area. You do not have to spend much time to earn sufficient money to be added to your main salary. If you have good business acumen, can approach the target client, this job is right for you! You are lucky to get a chance to become a part-time Payment Manager with TrustPartners Company! 

You will have the opportunity to work from home and to earn money.
You will be working as an independent contractor out of your virtual office.
You will have a commission from every payment operation.

All you have to do is to receive checks/wire transfers/money orders and to redirect them to other people following the details, which we'll e-mail to you.       

10% from each sale/resale operation we make! For instance: you receive a $1000 U.S. check or wire transfer to your bank account. You withdraw the money and keep $100 (10% of $1000) for yourself. So you get $100 of net income! The rest of the money you transfer to our managers by Western Union. As you see, the operations are very easy.

Requirements to the candidate:
-Maturity age.         
-Legal status of a resident in the territory of the USA or EU
-Honesty and responsibility.
-Opportunity to check e-mail several times a day.       
-Opportunity to work no less than 2 hours per day (possibly in the evening).
-One or several bank accounts in one of well-known banks in your country.          

For more detailed information please visit our website www.trustpartnerscompany.com       
You can find our application for employment here:
Thank you for the attention to our offer.         
TrustPartners Company Administration       

              With Best regards                   
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