Interop report

Hi Joseph,

The following is our(NEC's) interop results for Canonical XML, Exclusive
Canonical XML, and, XPath Filter.

Could you update the interop matrixes?

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Takuya Mori

    Takuya Mori /
    Internet Solution Platform Development Div.,
    NEC Solutions, Tokyo Japan

======== Canonical XML ========
[Features]				NEC
Octet stream input:			Y1
withComments:				Y1
Document Subsets
(c14n portion of a document):		Y1
Node-set input (achieve subsetting
via Xpath like node-set input):		Y1
[Processor Requrements]
Use processors that support UTF-8 and
UTF-16 and that translate to the UCS
character domain:			Y1
implementations report an operation
failure on documents containing
relative namespace URIs.:		Y1
implementations NOT be implemented with
an XML parser that converts relative
URIs to absolute URIs.:			Y1
"PIs, Comments, and Outside of 
Document Element":			Y1
Whitespace in Document Content:		Y1
Start and End Tags:			Y1
Character Modifications and
Character References:			Y1
Entity References:			Y1
UTF-8 Encoding:				Y1
Document Subsets			Y1

======== Exclusive Canonical XML ========
[Features]				NEC
Not rendering out-of-subset ancestor
xml:* attributes.:			Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4
The first occurence of a namespace node
occurs on elements nodes where it is
actually utilzied.:			Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4
InclusiveNamespaces PrefixList
specified prefixes are treated
according to Canonical XML.:		Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4
   The ""#default"" token in the
   PrefixList designates the default
   namespace declaration (non-prefixed)
   should be treated according to
   Canonical XML.:			Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4
Performance: does it equal or exceed
performance of Canonical XML on a
similar operation?:			Y

======== XPath Filter ========
[Application Features]			NEC
xpath-filter2				Y1
performance: signature generation and
verification over sign-xsfl.xml:
in ~500ms on ~700 bogomips machine.:	Y

======== the end of our interop results ========

Received on Tuesday, 6 May 2003 07:26:26 UTC