Re: Exclusive Canonicalization Interoperability Report

--On Mittwoch, 4. September 2002 16:26 -0400 Joseph Reagle <> wrote:

> On Wednesday 04 September 2002 03:07 pm, Christian Geuer-Pollmann wrote:
>> one thing. When I wrote all this c14n code, my limited brain had a hard
>> work. In order to allow other people to have a little easier job, I've
>> included a ZIP with html files for the interop page. The HTML files are
>> similar to the c14n-x.txt files from the test vectors (Y1..Y4), but they
>> highlight the input node set to the transforms and what was the input to
>> c14n.
> Thanks Christian, now linked from the page. One question though: "highlight
> the input node set to the transforms and what was the input to c14n." You
> examples are of the output though, right -- not the input? The actual
> document says "Output" and the explaination says, "nodeset of the given
> Reference before it is canonicalized" but you have a computed
> SignatureValue? So I'm not sure what exact stage the output represents.

Imagine you have this:

      <ds:Reference URI="">
            <ds:Transform Algo="envelopedSignature" />
            <ds:Transform Algo="exclusiveC14n" />

In that case, <document> and <someData> are highlighted in white as they are included in the node set while ds:Signature and the descendants are grey (as they are not in the node set).

The HTML displays the full document (including comments and all that stuff), but only the result of subsequent node set operations (before the set is converted to octets) is highlighted.


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