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A new crypto forum at the IRTF

From: Ran Canetti <canetti@watson.ibm.com>
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002 11:02:11 -0400
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this note is to announce the formation of a new IRTF Research Group, called
"Crypto Forum Research Group" (CFRG). The group is intended to answer the
need for a single forum where cryptographers, network security experts, and
protocol designers can exchange ideas and investigate the use of
cryptographic techniques for network protocols in general and for the IETF
in particular.

CFRG is of course NOT intended as a replacement for the work done at the
IETF Working Groups in standardizing actual protocols.  Rather, it the group
provides a forum where general techniques and tools can be developed and
scrutinized to the benefit of multiple Working Groups.

Apart from disseminating the understanding of cryptographic techniques
within the IETF, the outputs of CFRG are expected to come in the form of
informational RFCs (in the tradition of, e.g., RFCs 1321 [MD5] and 2104

You are cordially invited to join the mailing list and bring forth the
cryptographic question that deprived you of sleep lately.  The list is open.
To reduce spam, the chairs will moderate mails from non-members.

For Charter, more information, and subscription instructions, see

David Mcgrew and Ran Canetti, 
CFRG co-chairs. 

PS. We'd like to thank Mark Baugher for his great help in setting up 
the new research group.
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