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Re: Proposed resolution to detached/embedded and c14n/transform discussion - forward to the past

From: Joseph M. Reagle Jr. <reagle@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 09:22:59 -0400
Message-Id: <>
To: david.solo@citicorp.com
Cc: w3c-ietf-xmldsig@w3.org, dsolo@alum.mit.edu
At 08:30 99/08/24 -0400, david.solo@citicorp.com wrote:
 >Based on the recent discussion, I want to propose the following resolution
 >the detached/embedded and transform discussions.

Part of my confusion related to the intermediate steps of content which have
no representation in the syntax -- they area intermediate steps.

 >In order to address this, I'm proposing moving back to a variation on
 >suggestions in which the sigInfo element always contains a single
reference (a 
 >resource element) to the object being signed(which may be a manifest, a
 >file, etc.).  

The resource element in sigInfo contains the location, a set of 
 >transformations to be applied prior to digest calculation (e.g. c14n, 
 >exclusion, encoding), and the digest alg and value (calculated over the 
 >contents of the object element or the referenced document, but excluding
 ><object> start and end tags.  An embedded object may be contained within
 >signature element, but not within siginfo.
 >This approach allows switching between embedded and detached signatures
 >breaking the signature (as long as we get the digest computation rules
 >and separates the c14n of sigInfo from the transformations applied to the 
 >object.  It does impose the cost of an additional digest calculation in
 >In addition to documenting and refining this (example below), I expect the 
 >draft for next Monday to also begin to define some of the keyInfo and
 >structures.  I should have the new draft out later this week.
 >P.S.  My citicorp.com email address is currently in send-only mode (?), so
 >any replies to dsolo@alum.mit.edu
 >Sample revised syntax:
 ><signature id="...">
 >  <signedInfo>
 >    <c14nAlg type="null"/>
 >      <!-- applies to signedInfo, should have a default value -->
 >    <sigAlg type="rsaWithSHA-1"/>
 >    <resource>
 >      <reference type="http://..." href="..."/> 
 >      <transformations>
 >        <!--applies to object-->
 >         <c14nAlg type="http://..."/>
 >         <encoding type="http://..."/>
 >      </transformations>
 >      <digestAlg type="sha-1"/>
 >      <digestValue> a23bcd43 </digest>
 >    </resource>
 >    <signedAttributes>
 >      <attributeData type="http://...">19990824132700Z</attributeData>
 >    </signedAttributes>
 >  </signedInfo>
 >  <object ID="...">
 >    <!-- present if embedded object -->
 >    jhasodutoinwoiahsh
 >  </object>
 >  <keyInfo type="keyName"> 3 </keyInfo>
 >  <sigValue> dd2323dd </sigValue>
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