Corrected minutes, of XMLDSIG Conference Call, 5 August 1999

(note in particular that the date of the next teleconferecne is 19 August)

Corrected Minutes of XMLDSIG Conference Call, 5 August 1999

On the call were
	Dave Solo, CitiBank
	Barbara Fox, Microsoft
	Ed Simon, Entrust
	Mark Bartel, JetForms
	Milton Anderson, FSTC
	Richard Brown, GlobeSet
	Donald Eastlake, IBM
	John Boyer, UWI
	Joseph Reagle, W3C

August F2F

There was discussion of the upcoming Face to Face meeting in Irvine.
Hotel rooms are still available at the Hyatt.  An announcement will be
made on the mailing list to nudge people to make reservations by the
13th and get in their meal preferences.  At least on person indicated
that they were planning to take the last available flight back to the
east coast of the US arriving Tuesday evening which means they may
need to leave the meeting at 2pm.

The report of the W3C Syntax working group was discussed.  People had
a number of questions about it.  Richard Brown questioned dropping the
doctype and dropping white space inside attribute values.  Milton
Anderson had questions about the canonicalization and significance
status of new lines at the end of element tags.  There seemed to be
some confusion in reference to examples in the canonicalization draft.
Hiroshi Maruyama has already sent in some comments.  Richard Brown and
others should post their comments to the XMLDSIG list by the 10th of
August and Donald Eastlake will submit them in a batch as provided in
the draft.

TeleConference Scheduling

There is only one more, on August 19Corrth, before the face to face
meeting so the time and day of week will be left the same and
discussed at the face to face.

Outline of Core Specification

This is being worked on by Joseph Regale, Richard Brown, Dave Solo,
and Barbara Fox.   It is expected to be posted next week.

Alternative Syntax

There was discussion of whether the syntax should be described with a
Schema. Joseph Reagle would prefer that and particularly didn't want
any schema work that had been done to be lost.  Dave indicated that
they hadn't been using a schema.  The consensus on the call was to go
with DTD description for now.  The syntax will be posted by the end of
the day the 9th.


John Boyer still needs further input and comments for the scenario
document. Donald Eastlake promised to get him the IOTP scenario by the
10th.  Barbara Fox indicated we should be careful not to waste effort
and document content by duplicating similar scenarios.  The IOTP
scenario may be similar to some submissions by Brian LaMacchia.  It
was suggested that direct phone conversation between John and/or
prospective contributors to the scenarios document would be good to
clear up questions.  John indicated that the document would be posted
as an incomplete draft by the 19th of August.

Data Model

Joseph will be out next week but expects to draft this the following
week on his return completing the draft by the 20th of August.


The call ended with some general discussion of signature flexibility
and layering. It may be desireable for the most fundamental signature
syntax to sign one thing that it points to with the next layer
specifying a manifest it can point to and more sophisticated features
based on this indirect signature structure.

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