Chair Announce: Lucent IPR Disclosure

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  From: (Igor Faynberg)
  Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 17:11:40 -0400
  To: "Joseph M. Reagle Jr." <>
  Subject: Re: Filled Form

  This is to affirm that Lucent Technologies Inc., in accordance with long-
  established practice, will offer patent licenses for submissions made by it
  which are adopted or recommended as a standard by your organization as 
  If part(s) of a submission by Lucent is(are) included in a standard and 
  Lucent has patents and/or pending application(s) that are essential to 
  implementation of such included part(s) in said standard, Lucent is
  prepared to grant - on the basis of receiprocity (grantback) - a license
  such included part(s) on reasonable, non-discriminatory terms and
  With best regards,
  Igor Faynberg
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