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Is DAV:principal-property-search REPORT callable on any URL, as opposed to the DAV:principal-search-property-set REPORT?

From: Дилян Палаузов <dilyan.palauzov@aegee.org>
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2021 15:30:40 +0200
Message-ID: <b695cac495108dbaf6f8d9e0b0e1be877821d17a.camel@aegee.org>
To: w3c-dist-auth@w3.org

RCF 3744 WebDAV Access Control Protocol says for DAV:principal-search-
property-set REPORT

“Servers MUST support the DAV:principal-search-property-set REPORT on
all collections identified in the value of a DAV:principal-collection-
set property.”

The erratum at

“and SHOULD support it on all resources on which the DAV:principal-
collection-set property is defined.” and adds the optional <apply-to-
principal-collection-set/> parameter with the description:

“By default, the report applies to the collection identified by the
Request-URI. If DAV:apply-to-principal-collection-set is specified in
the request body, the request is applied instead to each collection
identified by the DAV:principal-collection-set property of the resource
identified by the Request-URI.“

This is the same description as for DAV:apply-to-principal-collection-
set in the DAV:principal-property-search REPORT.

For DAV:principal-property-search REPORT there is no text “Servers and
SHOULD support it on all resources on which the DAV:principal-
collection-set property is defined.”  So the question is, where should
it be supported.

* Does the text mean, that with the DAV:apply-to-principal-collection-
set parameters, the “and SHOULD support it on all resources on which
the DAV:principal-collection-set property is defined” is broadened, so
that DAV:principal-search-property-set shall be applicable to any
request-URL, when it has the DAV:apply-to-principal-collection-set

* Is the DAV:principal-property-search REPORT callable only on URLs
contained in the DAV:principal-collection-set property property, and
the purpose of DAV:apply-to-principal-collection-set is just to apply a
single HTTP REPORT call towards all URLs at once, or is the
DAV:principal-property-search REPORT with DAV:apply-to-principal-
collection-set parameter valid on any URL (also outside of

- What shall be the result, when DAV:principal-property-search REPORT
or  DAV:principal-search-property-set REPORT are called without <apply-
to-principal-collection-set/> on a request-url, that is not contained
in the DAV:principal-collection-set property property?

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