Re: Litmus test questions

Evert | Rooftop wrote:
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> This was the first oddnesss, since it actually requests to delete the 
> already deleted properties at first. According to spec.. I return the 
> appropriate 404's and 200's:
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"Specifying the removal of a property that does not exist is not an 
error." -- <>

> ...
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?><propertyupdate 
> xmlns='DAV:'><set><prop><t:valnspace 
> xmlns:t=''><foo 
> xmlns='bar'/></t:valnspace></prop></set></propertyupdate>
> The 'bar' namespace is an invalid one, and expat is quickly to respond 
> with: xmlns: URI bar is not absolute, so I respond with a 400 Bad Request..
> This is also a FAIL for litmus, so I'm curious to what _should_ be 
> returned in this situation..
 > ...

Wow, that's the first time I hear that an XML parser is choking on a 
namespace name.

Whether or not "bar" is a legal namespace name may be controversial; my 
recollection is that the W3C, after lots and lots of messages exchanged 
about that topic, basically deprecated them.

Potentially there's a config switch in expat where you can switch off 
the checking. It's well intended, but I wouldn't me surprised that 
insisting on it may break existing WebDAV clients.

BR, Julian

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