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Relationship between BIND and RFC 3253

From: Werner Donné <werner.donne@re.be>
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 14:00:47 +0200
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I wonder if the BIND spec could include an informal discussion about
the relationship with RFC 3253. There are two cases I see at the moment
that are worth mentioning.

1) When supporting version controlled collections, bindings may be
  introduced in a server without actually issuing the BIND method.
  When a MOVE is performed of a resource from one collection to
  another, both collections should be checked out. An additional binding
  would be the result if one collection would be subsequently checked  
  while the check-out of the other is undone. The resulting situation
  is meaningless if the binding model is not supported.

2) RFC 3253 proposes the version-history feature. It can provide access
  to the version history of a resource, "even after all version- 
  resources for that version history have been deleted". In terms of the
  binding model this means "when all bindings to it in any collection
  version have been deleted". RFC 3253 doesn't propose a way to  
  a version history in the URI namespace of a server. With the BIND  
  there is a possibility by using a resource-id as the value of the href
  element. In practice, this is a way for an end-user to recover an
  accidentally deleted version-controlled resource.

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