RE: getting WebDAV SEARCH ready for the IESG

Some comments:

In section 2.3.1 Result Set Truncation 

- Would be nice to indicate what the search limit is (after what number
of results was the query truncated)

- Partial results: I read this to mean whatever partial results you send
back, they must be ordered (within themselves)
as the client requested.  In many cases the client wants the full list
ordered, and then send back the partial results.
Any way to indicate this in the request; i.e. if you have to send back
partial results (a 507 condition) I want them fully ordered, not just
within themselves?  Perhaps the server can send back a 507 response for
the arbiter URI and no results, if it can't comply with ordering the
full result set, and sending back partial results.

In section 5.17.1 Relationship to Result Ordering

- I read this to mean that the full results should first be ordered by
the server, and then send back the requested limit.  This seems to
contradict what's specified in section 2.3.1, where the results are
limited and then ordered (if I'm reading it correctly).  I think these 2
sections should be consistent with each other.



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we recently made some progress on getting WebDAV SEARCH ready for

We received some feedback from Chris Newman, and the latest edits on the
take those into account.

Unless there's new feedback, I'm planning to submit this as draft 16,
which, if all goes well, will then by last called.

Feedback appreciated,


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