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BIND issue: 2.1.1-bind-loops

From: Julian Reschke <julian.reschke@gmx.de>
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 20:52:16 +0100
Message-ID: <47375D70.8060204@gmx.de>
To: WebDAV <w3c-dist-auth@w3.org>


This is a simple clarification: when talking first about the potential 
of bind loops (cycles), state that a server is free to reject requests 
that would create them.

Proposal to add:

"Support for loops is OPTIONAL: servers MAY reject requests that would 
lead to the creation of a bind loop (see DAV:cycle-allowed precondition 
defined in Section 4)."

to the end of Section 2.1.1.

Best regards, Julian
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