BIND spec: Potential URI comparison issue


a recent discussion on the Atom mailing list reminded me to check how 
the BIND spec currently defines "sameness" of resources [1]:

"If the values of DAV:resource-id returned by PROPFIND requests through 
two bindings are identical, the client can be assured that the two 
bindings are to the same resource."

The (potential) issue here is although the spec says "indentical", 
people may believe that assumptions about specific URI equivalence rules 
are allowed. For instance, or the following URIs identical?


This is already non-trivial when only considering a single URI scheme, 
but it get's very hairy with multiple schemes.

Proposal: clarify that "identical" means "identical character-by-character".

Best regards, Julian

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Received on Friday, 17 September 2004 12:33:56 UTC