Re: COPY of a binding onto another binding of same resource

Lisa Dusseault wrote:
> When a user does a COPY or MOVE from one binding to another binding to 
> the same resource, this should be flagged as an error.  Since this has 
> to interoperate with existing clients that won't look at the error body, 
> the status code would have to stand alone.  409 is already used for 
> non-existent parent collections, so that can't be reused.  Possibly 403 
> which in 2518 for COPY means "_ The source and destination URIs are the 
> same."

Why would that be an error?

If I have two bindings b1 and b2 to the same resource B, MOVE b1 -> b2 
will either fail (for Overwrite: F) or will first remove binding b2, 
then execute the rename. The result will be that there'll be one 
remaining binding (b2).

For the same situation, COPY seems to be no-op. Dead properties and 
content will be "replaced" by their current values (with possible side 
effects on ETag and so on...).

What am I missing?

Regards, Julian

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Received on Wednesday, 24 March 2004 12:48:34 UTC