Re: Call for consensus on UNLOCK Request-URI being lock root

Lisa Dusseault wrote:

> Yes, I read these today, but it was my interpretation that this testing  
> applied to the UNLOCK request.  What about LOCK request to refresh a  
> lock?  Does that also work on resources other than the lock root?  I  
> think servers would probably implement them the same way, but I was  
> curious whether you'd tested it explicitly.

Sorry. Related to this is 
but that is about URLs in tagged "If" headers (where I found that 
servers do not seem to care).

Right now I'm saying...

" DAV:locks-refreshed postcondition

Timers associated with the those locks submitted in the "If" request 
header whose lock root is the resource identified by the Request-URI 
MUST be reset to their original value (or alternatively to the new value 
given in the "Timeout" request header)."

..basically because it seems nobody asked that question before. 
Assuming we'd find out that servers do not care for LOCK/refresh either, 
would we want to relax the spec text?

Best regards, Julian

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