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Basavaraj wrote:

> Hi ,
> I am Working with WebDav.
> I got Struck in Access Tables Fields Through XML
> Can you let me know how to access it dynamically.
> As of now i have had coded (Sample code Pasted below in color)and making it
> work for particular User Only.
> Now i want to Dynamically Access Fields from a Table for any user.
>         ExUser *userInfo = new ExUser();
>         userInfo->Domain = "JPM";// Domain Name
>         userInfo->Login = "ikon5"; // User
>         userInfo->mailboxId = "ikon5";// Alias to User
>         userInfo->mailServer = "JPSERV5";//Exchange Server
>         userInfo->Password = "ikon5"; //Password
> It would be pleasure if answed.
> Thanks in Advance.


it seems that your question relates to the Exchange API, not WebDAV per 
se. It's unlikely that somebody on this list will be able to help you -- 
you probably should post to a MS-Exchange related mailing list or 
newsgroup instead.

Best regards, Julian

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