FW: WebDAV via squid-2.5

Accidentally caught by the spam filter.

- Jim

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Subject: [Moderator Action] WebDAV via squid-2.5

I am trying, unsuccessfully so far, to establish a WebDAV connection 
over a LAN via a proxy server running squid-2.5 as well as a firewall. 
The squid writers state that version 2.5 is fully supportive of WebDAV 
yet I can't establish a connection (in this case to an Apple server). 
although I have no trouble with a dialup connection. Therefore the 
problem appears to be either in teh squid configuration or the firewall. 
Any suggestions?
If I try: http://test.webdav.org/dav/
all I get is a pointer to http://test.webdav.org/. Is there a simple 
test that will help resolve which (squid or firewall) is the culprit?

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