Re: AW: New Methods (was: Locking spec)

Florey, Daniel wrote:
> Hi Elias,
> you are right, this methods indeed are no WebDAV-methods.
> But we have to face the fact, that the most widely spread WebDAV-software on client side is MS office and on server side (beside apache) is MS IIS/Exchange.
> There is no problem with MS word as it is using a the basic WebDAV methods, but if you want to use Outlook via Web Access, the server needs to support many of the MS specific methods. This methods are also used by Evolution, a popular linux PIM-software. The exchange adapter is open source since a few weeks, so it will be even more popular in future.
> So my proposal woud be to work out some drafts, that specifiy this batch, notification, transaction and search methods in a MS compatible way.
> To put the transaction stuff into the locking spec is no good idea anyway, so if we decide to start new drafts for the above methods, it would be the better way to specify them in different drafts.
> Anyone interested in this?

Interested: sure.

However, given the fact that the working group seems to have trouble 
focusing on it's milestones (as described in the charter), I'd like to 
ask everybody to *also* help us to get these other tasks finished -- as 
of now this means BIND (then REDIRECT) and RFC2518bis (where I feel that 
we should try to resolve all locking related issues first in case we 
make the decision to extract locking into a separate spec).

Best regards, Julian

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