Re: Locking spec

Daniel points out one of the important reasons for not putting
transaction support in the locking spec, i.e., transactions are
semantically very different from locks.  The fact that IIS/Exchange
chose to syntactically overload the LOCK method with transaction
support does not provide a compelling reason to bundle them into
a single spec (even if we do eventually decide to standardize on
that syntactic overload).

Another reason for not putting transaction support into the
locking spec is that the maturity of those two proposals is very
different: the locking spec is clarifying/updating existing
standard behavior, while transactions would introduce new WebDAV
semantics/behavior.  The way IIS/Exchange defines/supports transactions
will certainly be an important factor in any WebDAV transaction support,
but will not be an overriding factor.

So I encourage you to try to organize a design team for standardizing
WebDAV transaction support, but I'm against extending the domain of
the locking spec to include transaction support.


Daniel wrote on 06/03/2004 06:31:50 AM:

> I'd like to add transaction support to the locking spec as described in
> us/wss/wss/_esdk_arch_webdav_transactions.asp
> I know that this is thew wrong place for long term transactions as
> everyone would prefer a method called TRANSACTION or something similar,
> but as IIS and Exchange are using the LOCK method to implement
> transactions, I'd like to see it in the locking spec. Maybe it would be
> an idea to have some basic locking features (current locking spec) and
> advanced locking (transactions)?

Received on Thursday, 3 June 2004 10:42:21 UTC