Fw: Goliath question

Accidentally caught by the spam filter.

- Jim

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> From: Darwin_Dali <darwin_dali@mac.com>
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> Date: Sat, May-1-2004 1:54 PM
> Subject: [Moderator Action] Goliath question
> I seem to be unable to delete a folder in the public folder of my iDisk
> using Goliath 1.0.1. I can upload just fine, but not delete. It prompts me
> with the dialogue whether I'm sure I want to delete it, then I click OK and
> it appears to do the job (and the folder actually disappears). However, when
> I refresh the view (or check my homepage on the web), that folder is still
> there! My system is OS9.2.1. Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Mike

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