End User Info on WebDAV

Is anyone maintaining a list of WebDAV options and 'how-to' recipes from the end user perspective?  The closest thing that I can find is:


...where may of the links (e.g. Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Acrobat, etc.) now go to pages where WebDAV is not mentioned at all.

What I want to be able to point my audiences toward is a page that lists all or many of the things that they can do with WebDAV using applications that are likely available to them.  The items on this list should then link to pages that illustrate how one would use WebDAV with that specific application to create and maintain content.  Descriptions of how WebDAV can fit into and facilitate a work flow would also be useful.

The underlying concept is that if I want to attract content developers to the use of WebDAV, I need to be able to convince them that an investment in learning about WebDAV is likely to pay off in many areas and in many ways.

Or should I approach this as if all or most of the content creators in my audience are using either MacOS X or WinXP such that they will use these apps as if working on local files?  That is, create and save a shortcut or alias file in a convenient place. But do the current iterations of these apps really accommodate that perspective?  
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