shared locks and IIS, was: Shared locks

Regarding the interoperabiltiy of shared locks:

I've done a few tests and found the following problems with IIS 5.0 (posted
here so that it's gets archived and assigned a URL :-):

1) When reporting shared locks, IIS inserts one DAV:lockdiscovery element
for *each* shared lock into the DAV:prop element. This is plain wrong,
because each DAV: property can only have a single value (maybe the spec
should clarify this in an example?).

2) When UNLOCKing shared locks, it seems that IIS sometimes removes the
wrong lock (you have lock tokens "a", "b" and "c", remove "a", and upon a
new PROPFIND, "a" and "b" are reported).

Shared locks in moddav seem to work as expected (as far as my own tests are


Received on Tuesday, 26 February 2002 13:15:36 UTC