DeltaV and ACL supported on Sharemation

Xythos WFS 3.1 has DeltaV and ACL support, and we've upgraded Sharemation
recently to this latest version.  Test accounts are available free on, where some Web tools are available to examine access
control and versioning information.  You can also test client WebDAV
applications against Sharemation accounts.

From the DeltaV spec we support
 - basic versioning features
 - version-control
 - checkout in-place
 - version-history
 - working-resource
WFS does not support forking.
WFS allows versions to be deleted.

From the ACL spec:
 - principal URL space
 - various ACL-related properties on resources
 - the ACL method
WFS supports a custom set of privileges that map to the canonical list.

Lisa Dusseault

Received on Sunday, 2 September 2001 17:23:04 UTC