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RE: Proposal for marshalling property type information

From: Dan Brotsky <dbrotsky@Adobe.COM>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 12:23:47 -0700
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To: WebDAV Working Group <w3c-dist-auth@w3.org>
I also like Julian's proposal and would be glad to see it 
incorporated into 2518.  But there are a few questions related to 
live properties that I'm hoping Julian and others would comment on:

1. I work on a number of servers that have specialized live 
("computed" in the deltaV sense) properties for workflow tracking. 
It seems that we could use the extended PROPFIND to indicate to 
clients the datatype of those properties, but Julian only shows an 
example where the client has indicated the datatype.  Were live 
properties expected to obey the same extension rule?  If so we might 
want to clarify this and add an example.

2.  Some of my servers implement "type-restricted" live properties 
which are essentially dead properties whose values are restricted to 
a certain datatype.  These servers will reject PROPPATCH requests 
that use the wrong datatype whether or not the client has declared a 
datatype in the PROPPATCH.  Julian's proposal shows an example of a 
422 response when the PROPPATCH-declared datatype doesn't match the 
datatype of the value; I would also like to use such a response when 
the value's datatype doesn't match the PROPFIND-shown (and enforced) 
datatype.  How does this strike people?

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