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XML version of RFC 2518, Adv. Collection drafts

From: Jim Whitehead <ejw@cse.ucsc.edu>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 12:25:35 -0700
To: "WebDAV WG" <w3c-dist-auth@w3.org>, <julian.reschke@greenbytes.de>
Due to the volunteer efforts of Julian Reschke, XML (and nice HTML) versions
of RFC 2518, the Redirect References specification, and the Ordered
Collection specification, are now available via the WebDAV WG web site, at:


These documents are compliant with RFC 2629 ("Writing I-Ds and RFCs using
XML", by Marshall Rose), available at:


In particular, this RFC states:

3.2 Converting to Text Format

   The author has written the xml2rfc tool [10], which reads the source
   file and produces both a text and HTML version of the document.
   (This memo was produced using the xml2rfc tool.) Note that xml2rfc
   isn't a validating tool, so it's a good idea to use either a
   validating editor or run a stand-alone validating parser prior to
   using the tool.

Where reference [10] is:

   [10]  http://memory.palace.org/authoring/

(See also http://xml.resource.org/).

Since converting I-Ds and RFCs to text and HTML format has always been a
*major* pain, and since Julian has gone to the effort of converting these
documents to XML, I think it makes a lot of sense to start using the XML
version as the original document format (switching from Word).

RFC 2518:

XML: http://www.ics.uci.edu/pub/ietf/webdav/protocol/rfc2518.xml
HTML: http://www.ics.uci.edu/pub/ietf/webdav/protocol/rfc2518.html

Redirect References Protocol:


Ordered Collections Protocol:


You probably won't be able to view the XML files directly in your browser,
since it won't know the location of the XSLT (XML style sheet) file. The RFC
2629 XSLT file can be found at:
http://www.ics.uci.edu/pub/ietf/webdav/protocol/rfc2629.xslt.  Chose the
"Save As file" option to save the XML locally, and view it in a text editor
(or "View Source" on the XML page).

I'm very grateful to Julian for his efforts in converting these documents to
XML, and pathfinding use of the XML I-D and RFC tools. Thank you!

- Jim
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