The terminology section of the redirect draft defines a "Reference
Resource". However the term is never meaningfully used. It asserts some sort
of object hierarchy but never really does a good job of explaining why this
hierarchy is necessary or how it helps someone implementing the redirect
draft. In fact the term is only used in defining the redirect reference
resource and the direct reference resource. However I can't find a good
reason that an implementer needs to know about direct reference resources.
Direct reference resources are mentioned exactly twice in the entire draft
and don't seem to add anything useful to the draft. I think that attempting
to define some sort of object model for resource types that are not
standardized is just a way to cause confusion. As such I move that the
definitions of both Reference Resource and Direct Reference Resource as well
as all references to these two terms be removed from the draft. 

As removing these definitions will confuse users as to the meaning of a
Redirect Reference Resource, since they won't know what a reference resource
is, I move that the term be changed in the draft to read Redirect Resource.
The actual definition of the Redirect Resource also needs to take into
account Yaron.Redirect.Forwarding as well as the slightly strange usage of
the phrase "HTTP 1.1 302" which should just read "302" since this draft is
based on HTTP/1.1.

Therefore I move that the definition of Redirect Reference Resource be
changed to read:

Redirect Resource
A resource created to redirect all requests made to it, using 302 (Found),
to a defined target resource.

Received on Friday, 11 February 2000 02:40:36 UTC