FW: [Moderator Action] Questions on Webdav Servers

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The following are a few more questions I have.

1)  When a PUT/MKCOL/DELETE/MOVE/COPY occur and the PARENT is locked, what
should the correct response be??  Should it be 423 locked?  412
pre-condition failed.  And is it different if its a PUT/MKCOL/DELETE vrs a

2)  Section 9.6 "...If the Overwrite Header is not included in a COPY/MOVE
request then the resource MUST treat the request as if it had an overwrite
header of value 'T'".  This seems backwards to me (in fact I had it coded
the otherway until yesterday), since the overwrite will do a DELETE, is it
not safer to assume a header of "F"???

3)  MOVE/COPY to a destination that is locked.  8.10.5 states "... a
successful DELETE of a resource MUST cause all of its locks to be removed."
and 8.8.4 states that overwrite set to T will do a DELETE....  Then will the
LOCK on the destination be lost??  This seems wrong to me.  If the
destination is LOCKED, then after a MOVE/COPY which might delete the
resource, I would assume the resource is still locked.

4)  I assume that a null resource can be created via a URL with a trailing
slash and one without.  If I create one with a trailing slash, can I only do
a MKCOL later?  If no trailing slash is sent, the server probably needs to
assume that the client might have just not sent the slash and allow a MKCOL
or a PUT.  I think the spec should state that a NULL RESOURCE can be created
with a trailing slash or not, AND any NULL RESOURCE can take a MKCOL or PUT.
(You already messed up some of the beauty of my server with Null Resources,
I would hate to put even more if statements in to handle the above....)


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