href element, type of URI inside?

A quick question to make sure we didn't miss anything....

I'm talking about href that is a child of response for PROPFIND...

All the examples in the WebDAV RFC use an absolute (ie
http://myhost/mypath) uri as content for the href tag.  I think the WebDAV
spec allows for  URI's that lack a scheme/host ("http://myhost" omited)
though.  (mod_dav takes the second approach.)

My question(s) is...

Which is recommended?


Are there situations where one is better than the other?    Are there
situations where one or the other is required?

Just to get the mind working...

If a scheme and host are specified, must it point to the webdav enabled
URI?  For example, if the main server is on port 80 and webdav access is
only allowed on port 8080, then MUST the URI include 8080 if it also
specifies the host and scheme?

Are there situations where a scheme or host other than that used for the
current webdav connection might be appropriate?  ie...
might be appropriate?   Is this even allowed?  Or are these possibilities
reserved for further extensions?

Does the presense/possibility of references/passthru affect the answers

I think that's enough questions. :-)   I just want to make sure there
aren't any issues lurking here that we've missed... and hear what people
are thinking...

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Received on Wednesday, 31 March 1999 19:27:42 UTC