Re: Section 23.4 Appendix 4 - XML Namespace in WebDAV

>are we talking about whether the following elements are
>equivalent or not?
>     <cars:part xmlns:cars=""/>
>     <cars:mlpart xmlns:cars=""/>
>     <cars:xmlpart xmlns:cars=""/>
>if so, I've once asked James Clark about this, and his answer was
>that "the XML namespaces spec doesn't make them equivalent",
>but on the other hand, that an XML system using namespaces
>can treat them all the same if it wants to.

Scream, wail, moan.

If the spec doesn't make them equivalent, a system that treats
them as equivalent (e.g., a system that implements DAV as
currently specified) is going to run into trouble when it
encounters XML generated by somebody that didn't think they
were equivalent.

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