RE: Section 23.4 Appendix 4 - XML Namespace in WebDAV

> I'm looking at the Feb 99   RFC 2518 and I see it includes an Appendix 4
> that talks about XML namespaces.  It includes the following
>    [Note to the reader: This section does not appear in [REC-XML-NAMES],
>    but is necessary to avoid ambiguity for WebDAV XML processors.]
> And what follows doesn't seem to be in compliance with the XML name space
> recomm. as written.  Perhaps we could mention why this is the case.  (Are
> some XML processors broken?)  Just a reference to another document or
> source of information would be helpful.

This was put into the DAV spec. because the XML Namespace recommendation
doesn't provide any normative rules for how to concatenate a namespace with
an element name.  The closest REC-xml-names comes to doing this is Appendix
A.3 which defines  an "expanded element type", which wasn't sufficient for
WebDAV beacuse we were trying to marshall DAV properties.  Since DAV
properties have a URI for a name, we needed some way of putting a URI into
an XML namespace, XML element name pair, and then gluing them back together
again.  The solution was to build on REC-xml-names and give some normative
rules for how to perform this concatenation for WebDAV applications.

Since I can't find any mention in REC-xml-names of how to combine the
namespace and the element name to form a single identifier, perhaps you
could point out the sections that you feel are in conflict, so I can focus
my explanation on them.

- Jim

Received on Monday, 29 March 1999 20:38:53 UTC