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WEBDAV: IETF 44 Brief Summary

From: Jim Whitehead <ejw@ics.uci.edu>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 14:49:41 -0800
To: Keith Moore <moore@cs.utk.edu>, Patrik Fältström <paf@swip.net>
Cc: WEBDAV WG <w3c-dist-auth@w3.org>
Message-ID: <002301be74b6$45827500$d115c380@galileo.ics.uci.edu>
The WebDAV working group met on Thursday, March 17, 1999, from 15:30 to
17:30.  The meeting was chaired by Jim Whitehead, and notes were recorded by
Yaron Goland. Approximately 55 people attended.

The meeting began with a brief presentation by Jim Amsden on the DELTA-V
BOF, which was held in the previous session.  The presentation gave an
overview of the scope of the effort proposed in the DELTA-V charter. Next,
Judy Slein led discussion on open issues from the Advanced Collections
protocol specification, specifically the default semantics of COPY on a
direct reference (resolution: create a direct reference at the destination),
and the default semantics of LOCK on a direct reference (attendees preferred
that the lock affect the reference and its target).  There was also
discussion on dereferencing URLs where a direct reference is a portion of
the URL's path.

Jim Whitehead led a discussion on registering property schemas, which
highlighted the issue of whether DAV properties should be registered on a
per-property, or per-schema basis.  Finally, there was a brief discussion on
moving DAV access control forward.
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