initial interop: mod_dav and IE5

Hi gang,

My initial interop testing between mod_dav 0.9.7 and the new IE5 release
seems to be completely successful!

I tested the following operations: GET, PUT, MOVE, DELETE, MKCOL

IE5 also executed a number of PROPFIND requests in there, which I can
only presume that they worked. I wasn't able to figure out how to do a
PROPPATCH or a COPY, or how to view (custom) properties.

Note that you must specifically install the "Web Folders" add-on (forget
the exact name). Do this by going to the Tools/Windows Update menu.

Misc tidbits:

* mod_dav 0.9.6 has a problem with its MOVE/COPY, in that it expects a
port number. IE5 sees the 502 response and compensates with a manual
COPY and DELETE (cool). Upgrade to 0.9.7 to simplify things.

* the IE5 Web Folder stuff does seem a bit pokey, even on my dual 400 P2
against a dual pentium 120.

* this was a pre-flight testing only... not very exhaustive.

I'll report back with any bogosities if I find them. Also, I'd like to
thank the IE5 guys for a job well done!


Greg Stein,

Received on Thursday, 18 March 1999 16:18:31 UTC