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At 9:12 AM on Monday, March 08, 1999, Jim Davis wrote:

> John this is pretty interesting but I think you're going
> about it in the wrong order..  First you need to show why
> webdav applications need a representation for structured
> documents, then you need to list the requirements, and
> only then should you discuss how to do it.


> For what it's worth, there's work to design an interoperable
> compound/structured document model and API in the DMA 
> community, but I am not part of it.  Unfortunately this is
> an industrial consortium no[t] accessible to the public, but
> perhaps there's someone on this list who knows about it

As chair of the Document Management Alliance (DMA) Technical Committee, I
can confirm that we have a subcommittee in the process of designing object
model extensions to DMA 1.0 in support of compound and structured documents.
Contrary to Jim's statement above, DMA welcomes public participation in its
meetings and email discussions.  Voting privileges in DMA are limited to
full members of DMA, but anyone can become a member by paying the annual
membership fee.  Non-voting guest memberships are also available.  DMA
members today include a number of software vendors, industry analysts, and
public and private end user organizations.

The Compound/Structured Documents Subcommittee has produced several working
papers and more recently a set of requirements that should lead to formal
proposals for extensions to DMA 1.0.  Most of the business of the
subcommittee is done through email, although there are also periodic
conference calls to review the status of the subcommittee's work.  Please
contact me if you would like to participate in this work, or just learn more
about this work or DMA in general.

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