Re: Collections Protocol Review

Yup, I'll be there (Minneapolis in March, who could skip it :-).

Anyone who'd like to join us, we usually do it poolside, with
Jim Amsden as referee.  The survivors (if any :-). will report
back to the mailing list.


   From: Yaron Goland <>

   Geoffrey, having read your letter I believe the gulf between us in our
   understanding of the most fundamental design principals of the HTTP and
   WebDAV object models to be so vast that attempting to resolve this issue by
   e-mail will prove futile.

   E-mail, I have found, is only useful when substantive common understanding
   exist and remaining issues address mere detail. 

   Such is not the case here.

   Previous experience leads me to guess that you will be attending the next
   IETF. If so, I will try my best to finish my review of the collections spec
   by then and perhaps we can get together to discuss the matter in person.


Received on Friday, 26 February 1999 01:34:23 UTC