Re: How can I do conditional PROPPATCH....

Imran Khan wrote:
> Is there an existing way to set/remove properties based on the fact
> that certain conditions are met in WebDAV or DASL?? I looked at the
> existing draft of DASL and it seems to be only query (SELECT), no
> INSERT or UPDATE. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Not that I know of. You'll need two round trips (at least) for that.

It really depends on how "atomic" you need to be. You can issue a SEARCH
followed by a PROPPATCH. If you need a true atomic operation, then you

There are also funny things you can do with the If: header, but I'm not
really clear on how it can be used in situations like this.


Greg Stein,

Received on Wednesday, 17 February 1999 21:27:23 UTC