Re: PROPFIND hrefs and CyberTeams mod_webdav

Max Rible wrote:
> The lack of DAV support on OPTIONS * can be confusing to some clients.
> Can you get it to put a DAV: 1 in the OPTIONS * response, even if
> none of the actual DAV methods are listed there?

I wasn't familiar with that form of OPTIONS. I'll go in there and get
the right thing done.

> I tweaked my client code a bit so it would check the OPTIONS on the
> URI given if OPTIONS * didn't return DAV: 1, and that did the trick.

fwiw, mod_dav only supports Class 1 right now.

> I got a Bad Gateway (502) response when I attempted renaming
> a directory through MOVE, and another one when I attempted to
> COPY a file.  DELETE, PUT, and MKCOL seem to be fine.

There is a known bug that requires the Destination header to specify the
port number in the absolute URI. The bug has been fixed and will be in
the next release (note that is a stable server; it does
not track development, but is updated on each release). The 0.9.7
release should happen late Thursday night or earlier.

I greatly appreciate the feedback, and look forward to future bug
reports :-)


Greg Stein,

Received on Tuesday, 16 February 1999 16:39:57 UTC