Re: If you are going to write WebDAV Standards - PLEASE READ THIS

Yaron Goland wrote:

> Sections 1 & 3 do not belong in an RFC because they are not normative.
> However, imagine how much more useful the WebDAV spec would be if we could
> release an "unofficial" version with all the sections 1 & 3?

Can't we release the 1&3s as an Informational RFC?

> My recommendation to WebDAV authors, especially the versioning group, is
> that they seriously consider using this same structure for their drafts.
> More than that, if they will be using Word, they should seriously consider
> putting together the environment I propose.

Personally, I'd recommend using non-proprietary tools, so that, if they have to
hand the document off to somebody else, they're not limited to people who run
Windows or Mac and have bought Word.  A good preprocessor would do (or even a
not-so-good one--I use cpp for my personal website).

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