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> Hello fellow DAV people...
> is now online!
> is intended to be a central resource for the DAV community.
> It contains my DAV FAQ, a list of relevant specifications, some papers
> about DAV, useful links, and a list of DAV projects.
> ...
> Greg Stein,

Great news! We are currently working on DAV support for Zope,
our open source web object publishing environment. I hope to 
have a prototype that includes at least basic class 1 support
ready soon so that we can get into interoperability testing.

Synergy with Apache is important to us as many Zope users 
run one or more Zope installations in the url namespaces of
their existing Apache servers, so we'll definitely be putting
some time into testing peaceful co-existence with mod_dav. Let
me know if there are particular things we can do to help the
mod_dav effort on this front.

Once I have the prototype ready, we'd be happy to put an 
installation on for folks to beat on and test
against. I'll also work on getting a overview of Zope WebDAV 
support up on the site that can be listed in's projects area.

Brian Lloyd
Software Engineer  540.371.6909              
Digital Creations 

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