Re: COPY vs. MOVE on advanced collection references

Geoff (& JimA)

> The problem with copying just the reference shows up especially
> vividly in a downlevel client (that doesn't even know about
> ...
> The general rule I try to apply in these situations is:
> If there are two reasonable things to do, so you need an extra
> parameter...

Sounds good.

Now to check the history of the decision to say MOVE == COPY+DELETE....

I've just done that.  I've found nothing in the earlier discussions besides
the mentioning of cross-server/device copy/move that might require
COPY/DELETE approach.  I think we've already dealt with that in this

In reading the spec, rather than just the mailing list, I see the WebDAV
spec isn't that far off.  It just needs to be clearer about intent.  It's
description COPY/DELETE isn't too bad depending on how you interpret it.
We probably should leave a bit less for interpretation though.  I think
that's what JimA just suggested when he spoke of semantics vs.


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