Re: Multistatus responses


It is my understanding that methods only return a multistatus when they
effect multiple resources. So for example, you could DELETE a collection
and get a multistatus if it failed indicating which resource in the
collection couldn't be deleted. If the DELETE failed because the collection
itself was locked, then you could also return a single status as the
members were unaffected. Similarly, if the method succeeded, you would just
get a 200 status code for the whole operation.

Joe Orton <> on 01/22/99 01:30:05 PM

cc:    (bcc: Jim Amsden/Raleigh/IBM)
Subject:  Multistatus responses

Just wondering why it's necessary to use the specific 207 response code
for *all* multi-status responses - why can't a more meaningful code be
used as appropriate? For instance, when a multi-status response is needed
if MOVE or DELETE fails, use a 4xx class response. It still bugs me that a
2xx class code is used for methods which fail.



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