Re: structured documents [draft-hopmann-collection-props-00.txt]

Given that WebDAV already makes significant use of XML, I would propose
that using XML as the compound document format should be the default choice
unless proven deficient for that purpose.

I realize that everyone has their favorite alternative to XML (and MIME
certainly has its advantages), but it's rather late in the game to switch
from XML to MIME, and depending on both XML *and* some other structured
document format (such as MIME) is a complexity I'd prefer to avoid if at
all possible.

John did have one smiley at the end of his second message, so if the
proposal to consider MIME was just a joke, as they say on SNL,
"nevermind" (:-).


   From: John Stracke <>

   "Slein, Judith A" wrote:

   > Just agreeing on what a compound document is could be challenging.  I was
   > recently involved in discussions where the following were just some of the
   > characteristics proposed:

   I believe that these can all be handled by MIME.
   Now, it may be a good idea for someone to form a WG on how to use MIME and
   DAV for compound documents.  But they shouldn't need to create any new
   mechanisms; they're all there.  I think.  :-)

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