RE: structured documents [draft-hopmann-collection-props-00.txt]

multipart/related might be part of an implementation of compound documents
-- the way to represent its content when you want to transport the whole
compound document together -- but I doubt that it provides everything people
will want.  For example, normally you expect to be able to operate both on
the compound document as a whole and on each of its components individually.
So there would have to be some instructions to the server to give each
component a URL as well as the parent document.  There probably need to be
some standard poroperties on the compound document as a whole as well as
some on its components. etc.


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> Larry Masinter wrote:
> > If support for structured documents is needed for interoperable
> > clients, then it should only be "optional" in the sense of another
> > set of collective features which form yet another standard for
> > which 'conformance implies interoperability'.
> Do we really want to invent our own structured documents model?
> Rhetorical question: what's wrong with multipart/related?
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