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Related to COPY_LIVE_PROPS, I think there is a more general question about
whether any sweeping statements like those in 8.8.2 (COPY for Properties)
and 8.9.1 (MOVE for Properties) can really be made about how servers should
treat live properties on COPY or MOVE.  For DAV:lockdiscovery it's not just
that it should never be copied dead, but it should never be copied (or
moved) at all.  Other live DAV properties (supportedlock, getetag) should be
copied / moved live if possible, but should not be copied / moved dead.
Sometimes the rules for copy will be different from the rules for move.  

Does the spec anywhere state which of the DAV: properties are live and which
are dead?  It probably should.  I'm assuming that all except displayname are
live, but I could be wrong.


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Received on Tuesday, 12 January 1999 10:18:35 UTC