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"Lisa Lippert (Dusseault) (Exchange)" wrote:

> Three: Two new features in this draft that work together are the
> "defaultdocument" property

I kind of like defaultdocument, but I think it might need to be a list.  Most
existing servers have a rule for picking out the default document (e.g.,
"index.html, then index.cgi, then index.txt"); it would be a Good Thing if, on
directories with no default set, they could expose the rule rather than just
the document that they would currently serve up.

(I'm not sure whether there's a need to be able to *set* an individual
collection's defaultdocument to a list, but it could be useful, e.g., if a
server decides that defaultdocument should be inherited by subcollections.)

Also, one oversight (probably): the current Draft does not require that
defaultdocument point to a member of the collection; as it stands now, it would
be possible for it to point to a completely separate server.  This might be a
cute trick occasionally, but I think it'd be cleaner to create a referential
member and make that the default.

Oh, and the Draft does not specify what "the default document for a collection"
means.  We all know that it's the resource that gets referenced by a GET or
HEAD on the collection URI; but that should be specified.

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