RE: I-D ACTION:draft-hopmann-collection-props-00.txt


>It might be a good idea to make these properties a "bundle" -- if one is
>supported, all should be supported.  That would make it easier for the
>client to figure out what to expect.

If I were writing a client would it be reasonable for me to expect that
such properties as for example a collections 'childcount' are available
in any "WebDav compliant" server ? If not then the stating of their
'optional' existance only causes confusion for me as a developer.

Surely the whole purpose of a standard is that the whole thing,
*all* the properties and methods, API etc can be treated as a 'bundle'
that I can assume to exist. If I cannot assume some properties exist
then I would have to, as you say, fall back on more primitive methods,
in which case why even put them in the spec?

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