RE: New CyberTeams WebDAV Mailing List

No apologies necessary. You did everything right. No one expects you to hang
out in a room in Florida listening to arguments about the latest extensions
to WebDAV. The meeting notes only came out this week and if memory serves
they didn't include a note about the discussion on the topic of mailing
lists. So there was absolutely no way for you to know.

By setting up your mailing list and by making your server available for
public testing you have nothing but the thanks of the entire WebDAV
community. It is acts like yours that make open standards work.

			Thank You,

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> At 01:45 PM 12/31/98 -0800, you wrote:
> >... the general consensus was that the WG would very
> >much like to encourage implementers to not set up separate 
> mailing lists to
> >discuss the specifics of their interoperability tests.
> >...
> >As such I would like to ask CyberTeams to please consider 
> directing people
> >to the main WebDAV mailing list for the purpose of discussing
> >interoperability and other protocol specific issues associated with
> >CyberTeams WebDAV implementation.
> >
> Yaron,
>       My apologies.  I was not aware of that consensus when I 
> set up the
> CyberTeams WebDAV list.  We will keep our new mailing list around for
> discussing issues with our WSDLite software that are not 
> related to the
> WebDAV interoperability testing.  We will direct people to 
> the main WebDAV
> mailing list for any discussions related to interoperability 
> testing or the
> WebDAV protocol itself.  If a message is posted to our 
> webdav-list that
> pertains to interoperability testing or the WebDAV protocol, 
> we'll repost
> it to the main WebDAV mailing list.  I have modified the 
> "welcome" message
> for our mailing list as follows:
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> -------------
>           Welcome to the CyberTeams WebDAV Server Mailing List!
> This list is used for discussions about the CyberTeams WebDAV 
> Test Site
> and problem reports, suggestions, feedback, or ideas about 
> WebSite Director
> Lite and any other products in the CyberTeams product line.  This list
> should NOT be used for discussions about interoperability 
> testing between
> WebDAV clients and the CyberTeams WebDAV server.  For those 
> discussions
> and other issues specific to the WebDAV protocol, please use the IETF
> WebDAV Working Group mailing list at:
> If you are not subscribed to the w3c-dist-auth mailing list, you can
> subscribe by sending a message with "Subject: subscribe" to:
> Your subscription address for the CyberTeams WebDAV Server 
> Mailing List
> will be kept completely confidential and will not be 
> disclosed to anyone
> outside of CyberTeams.  For more information about the 
> CyberTeams WebDAV
> Test Site, go to the following web page:
> To send a message to this mailing list, send it to the 
> following address:
> If you have any problems with this list or wish to 
> unsubscribe from the
> list, send a message to "".
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> -------------
>      Does that cover what you had in mind?
> Cheers......     Randall
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