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A summary to my last question.

From: Wang HanMin <whm@sic.ml.org>
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 16:51:49 +0800
To: <w3c-dist-auth@w3.org>
Message-ID: <01bd28a5$4ee97700$01d172ca@mascot.sic.ml.org>
   Thanks very much for all the kind replys to my last
question,including Markus Fleck,Marc Eaddy, Jim Whitehead,Carl-Uni
Manros,Surendra Reddy,and etc.
   Below is some thought of myself.
1.How to notify the users?
    I think that using email to notify the users or polling the web
server are not the best way to let the users be notified immediately.I
hope that the extended http protocol can add a command like
'push'.since in http/1.1 the connect can be permanent now,It maybe
also possible for the server to push the data without the request of
the client.
   I could not find enough material about how the channel works,but I
think that maybe the client request the server at a periodic time.It
possibly cannot be used at a realtime cscw enviroment either.
2.Which tool is the best?Using HTML under web,Java,or DCOM+ActiveX?
 I have read somehting about delta coding,though not fully understand
it,I think that there is still a long way to make web authoring tool
available on the web based on html,so we'd better make it based on
Java.Maybe we first can make it independent on web browser,just like
the Netscape and Microsoft's putting their team
software(Netmeeting,cooltalk,etc) out of their web browser.We can use
the interface described in the webdav document,maybe we need add
something into it.
  Does anyone have thought about using DCOM to develop CSCW?
3. About other application such as video conference
 I agree that video conference should not be based on webdav, it
should be based on RTP, and etc.  I hope that someday when we visit
some company's  homepage,I press a button named 'Call my
telephone',and then I talk with them face to face via web.
 Thanks again for all kind replys!
 Yours Sincerely!
  Wang HanMin
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